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Sickness and Accidents

A special URTU sickness and accident benefit is payable, after a qualifying period, in the event of any condition resulting in time off work. This includes illness, accident or pregnancy.

Amount payable: maximum £180 per year. Payable at £15.00 per week for up to 12 weeks in any 52 week period.


  • All A + BF and Scale A members.
  • Member must be no more than six weeks in arrears.
  • Qualifying period: 26 weeks contributions required.
  • Excludes first three weeks of any illness (waiting period) and only full weeks are paid.
  • All claims need to be covered by a medical certificate (photocopies are acceptable).

Additional Information

  • All periods of sickness (including first three weeks) need to be covered by documentation. Selfcertification (on employer issued form) is acceptable for the first week but thereafter doctor’s notes are required. Photocopies of these are acceptable – remember to photocopy before giving originals to your employer.
  • No benefit is paid for the first three weeks of illness (waiting period). Payment starts at the end of week four of certificated absence.

Important Notes

  • Please note that all periods of illness or absence from work without pay need to be notified to Head Office – even if a member is not claiming benefit. Only in this way can the nil contribution rate be credited. Otherwise a member will be shown at the end of the year to be in contributions arrears if they have been off ill and Head Office is not notified.
  • When handwriting is illegible (a common problem with doctors’ notes) please attach a clear note of explanation. Only full weeks (calculated as Monday-Friday) are paid under the following formula.

Sick pay formula
Weeks 1-3: payment £0
Weeks 4-15 : payment £15
Weeks 17-18: payment £0

If you are in any doubt, please contact your Shop Steward, Branch Secretary or Regional Officer.

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