Sunday May 26, 2019
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Confidence in the Workplace Workshop


Today, URTU Learning ran its first ever workshop in Wales when it held a ‘Confidence in the Workplace' workshop at the Lysaght Centre in Newport. 

The workshop was hosted by Jocelyn Andrews, who has worked for the BBC as a sports correspondent covering many large events. She also has many years' experience delivering confidence workshops for various unions as well as interview technique and CV writing workshops.

The day started with a brief introduction from Jocelyn. During the introduction, the delegates attending the workshop were asked to score themselves out of 10 on their public speaking abilities. Most of the delegates scored themselves low with most stating around the 3 or 4 mark.

Jocelyn then went through key techniques and tips that can be used to prepare yourself for situations where the ability to speak in public may be necessary, such as attending an interview, during a meeting or representing a colleague at a disciplinary. 

Delegates also looked at different types of speakers and discussed what made them good or bad public speakers.

In the afternoon session, delegates were asked to prepare a one minute speech on something they loved. These ranged from children, music and maps to chocolate and ice cream.  The delegates were then asked to speak about the subject they loved whilst sitting down within the group of delegates and, after a short preparation, all the delegates felt able to deliver the talk. Each delegate was then asked to repeat their speech but this time in the more daunting situation of standing up in front of the rest of the group.

Considering that, at the beginning of the workshop, all the delegates had said they were not able to confidently speak in public, all were able to deliver their talk whilst standing up in front of the group. Most people actually finished up talking for longer than the one minute requested. At the end of the workshop, the delegates were asked to score themselves out of 10 on their public speaking abilities. This time all the delegates stated either the 7 or 8 mark, so doubling their scores from the start of the workshop.

The ‘Confidence in the Workplace' workshop showed that most people are able to speak in public and that the key to good public speaking, whether this be at interview, during a meeting or representing a colleague at a disciplinary, is preparation. 

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