Sunday May 26, 2019
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Smart Tachographs due in June


From June 15, 2019, newly registered or newly equipped vehicles over 3.5 metric tons that are used for commercial purposes must be fitted with a new-generation digital ‘smart' tachograph. The purpose of the new EU regulation 165/2014 is to further improve road safety, guarantee competition on the European domestic market and prevent the manipulation of digital tachographs. This is the biggest change to the tachograph since the move from analogue to digital.

The new devices are designed to foster greater compliance with the drivers' hours rules by making it more difficult to tamper with the devices. An important new feature is the introduction of satellite positioning data. The smart tachographs will take a GPS reading at the start and end of duty and every three hours of accumulated driving. This will expand the enforcement role of tachographs to establishment rules, such as cabotage, in addition to monitoring compliance with the drivers' hours rules. 

Extra security features include a new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) interface and Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC). The DSRC will enable authorities to access tachograph data while the vehicle is in motion. Keith Lloyd, Training and Forensic Analysis Manager at Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd said; "The new smart tachograph brings many functional improvements. Increased security, satellite positioning data and remote downloading of data for enforcement assists in ensuring compliance with drivers' hours regulations." 

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