Friday May 29, 2020
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Wales TUC 2010 Annual Conference


Wales TUC 2010 Annual Conference will take place at Venue Cymru, Llandudno on the 26 and 27 May. As usual, a URTU delegation will be attending the Congress with the Union talking to the following motion:

Congress is concerned that Road Transport is already subject to high rates of taxation. The average price of diesel is now over 112p a litre, of which approximately 60% is tax. In January 2010, AA President, Edmund King, said, "Motorists are getting a bad deal on the roads. They are paying a £44 billion fortune in motoring taxes yet only a small portion is spent on the roads".

The Treasury responded, "Government does not hypothecate taxation. The Government has always been clear that fuel duty is a vital contributor to the public finances while also ensuring a reduction of harmful emissions."

Workers in Wales are already suffering disproportionately. Any further taxation will result in more companies in Wales either going out of business, or cost cutting and putting driver's health and safety at risk.

Under the ‘green umbrella' it is all too easy for taxes on transport to be increased in order to "reduce emissions". This would cause even more hardship to the transport industry in Wales. A more effective approach would be to improve infrastructure and thereby reduce congestion. With less vehicles queuing in traffic, and vehicles operating at their most efficient, there would be much less emissions.

We ask WTUC to convey our concerns to the WAG and  request the WAG to use whatever influence it may have with the UK Treasury to ensure due consideration for the effect on jobs in Wales is taken into account before any further taxes are imposed on transport.

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