Thursday May 26, 2022
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Who We Are

The Union was first registered in 1890 as the United Carters Association.

Since 1890, the organisation has undergone several name changes, the United Carters Association of England (1891); the United Carters and Motormen ’s Association of England (1912) and the United Road Transport Workers Association of England (1926). In 1964 the present day title, United Road Transport Union was established. The Union is now more popularly known by its acronym, URTU.

Since 1890, there have been only eleven General Secretaries heading the Union, which has given URTU a history of stability through many turbulent times. Today, URTU is one of the smaller trade union organisations in Britain - shunning the mergers of recent years. URTU is now uniquely the only union dedicated to serving the interests of workers in the road haulage industry.

URTU is also a totally independent union and is not affiliated to any political party. URTU is affiliated to a number of trade union umbrella organisations and trade bodies throughout the world. Our influence is particularly strong in member countries of the European Union where we are represented on all the important labour movement committees and within political and government institutions.

We are the sole remaining and oldest established road haulage trade union in the UK and our firm foundations, based on a dedicated and experienced team of staff, as well as a growing membership, will serve the industry well throughout the 21st century.

Membership certificate from URTU’s ancestor the United Carters Association of England, belonging to one Frederick Maile who joined in 1897

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URTU is a non-political organisation dedicated to advancing the interests of those workers connected with the road haulage industry.
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Join the UK's only specialist road haulage, distribution and logistics union - an organisation that negotiates improvements.
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