Friday August 28, 2015
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United Road Transport Union

The United Road Transport Union (URTU) is the UKs only union dedicated to serving the interests of workers in road haulage, distribution and logistics. We are an active union constantly campaigning, negotiating and lobbying to seek to ensure that members are properly rewarded for the skilled work they do.

If you work as a driver (HGV / LGV / lorry / van / forklift truck driver) or warehouse operative, the URTU is the union for you. Let us be there to represent you and stand up for your rights. 

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URTU Mobile Office:  Tebay Truckstop (1 - 4 September)

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URTU is a non-political organisation dedicated to advancing the interests of those workers connected with the road haulage industry.
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Join the UK's only specialist road haulage, distribution and logistics union - an organisation that negotiates improvements.
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Click here and fill in an online application form. Rates are available for drivers, non-drivers and part-time employees.
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