Wednesday June 19, 2019
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Supporting the Iranian workers and Truck Drivers


On the eve on Fourth-round of Iranian Truck Drivers' Strike in cities of Iran, the United Road Transport Union (URTU) has expressed our solidarity with the workers, truck drivers and other oppressed strata in Iran. Due to anti-labour policies of the ruling regime in Iran, they are in a very worrisome and overwhelming situation, and in 2018, there have had more than 5,800 protest movements.

Truck drivers alone, who are hundreds of thousands, launched a nationwide strike at three periods and have started their fourth-round of their strike since Nov. 1st. again. Their last strike lasted 21 days, covering 31 provinces and more than 300 cities. The government used a variety of tricks to break the strike and arrested hundreds of drivers. The Attorney General of Iran threatened striking drivers to execution, and has requested execution for 17 of the arrested drivers in Qazvin (IRNA State News Agency, October 8, 2018).

Workers and drivers in Iran have no job security and no law supports them. Iranian workers are not allowed to form an independent trade union or syndicate.

The most important production and economic institutions belong to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), that exploit the workers with maximum pressure and repression, but when workers demand their wages, they are expelled and suppressed. Many workers have not been paid for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, while increasing high prices and inYlation has scalded them.

URTU has called on all labour organisations to condemn trampling of the workers' basic rights and to demand the ruling dictatorship in Iran to release all detained workers, to respect the basic rights of workers and to adhere to all international labor laws. URTU demand the quick and unconditional release of all workers and truck drivers who were arrested during strikes.

URTU has expressed its support for the demands of the workers, drivers and the working people of Iran and urge all labour unions in various to rush to assist their colleagues in Iran and to support their demands to their rightful demands, however they can. 



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