Thursday July 18, 2019
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URTU Personal Injury Awards Exceed one million pounds


In just the first eleven months of 2018 your Union, through its Personal Injury Solicitors, has achieved settlements on behalf of URTU members totalling more than £1 million. Unlike external solicitors, who deduct fees from your settlement, your Union takes absolutely no commission at all.

The arrangement is that: 100% of any settlement goes to you! No success fee, no hidden extras, no catch.

Even though we frequently publicise the personal injury benefit, some claims are not initiated by members when they could be. As a result, the opportunity to ʻright a wrongʼ and claim compensation for an accident or injury which was not your fault might be missed. We understand that some members may still be unaware of the benefit and that other members may be reluctant to claim because of concerns such as, anxiety about the possible effect on their future relationship with their employer, fear that they will have to pay exorbitant fees and uncertainty how the process works. If you do have any concerns about making a claim, please call Head Office and we can try to reassure you.

Occasionally we receive correspondence from external solicitors, relating to a memberʼs personal injury claim which has been passed to them instead of to the Union. Often such external solicitors operate on a ʻno win, no feeʼ basis. They deduct a success fee from your settlement. In contrast, your Union takes no such commission at all.

If you utilise the Union benefit, you have the advantage of engaging the Unionʼs expert  This benefit covers claims for personal injury, industrial disease or accidental death arising from employment, or whilst travelling to and from work. It also includes accidents which occur away from work, but are not connected with it, which Personal Injury Solicitors.

The arrangement is that 100% of any settlement goes to you - no success fee, no hidden extras, no catch. 

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