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Get your free air freshener at Lymm Truckwash

Get your free air freshener at Lymm Truckwash

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Claire O'Brien
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Lymm Truckwash Ltd – the largest and oldest truck wash in Europe


They are a family-run business, with a wealth of experience in the industry.  This ensures a very high standard of wash. In addition, their reliable and long-serving staff ensure that each customer’s individual demands are met.


United Road Transport Union is a specialist union which has been supporting the logistics sector, from drivers to warehouse operatives, for over 130 years.


Keeping a driver’s vehicle clean is essential and is a legal requirement.  Lymm Truckwash offers a top-class service, with outstanding customer satisfaction.


In support of our Union, Lymm Truckwash will be giving away free air fresheners and flyers to customers to help promote the benefits of being part of the United Road Transport Union.


To show our ongoing support to Lymm Truckwash, we will also be accompanying them to support and raise awareness of the United Road Transport Union at some upcoming trucking events, where there will be free promotional items available.


We therefore look forward to seeing you at Whitchurch Truck Show on the 10th June and Knutsford TruckFest 16th September.


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